They say you learn something new every day-- today I learned the phrase "gentleman casual," that it is possible to do 200 shows a year and be a [seemingly] normal person, and that Fuller Condon of The Two Man Gentlemen Band does not like, I repeat, does not like "favorite questions." Despite "favorite questions" being one of my favorite sorts of questions, the Gentlemen, even Fuller, were still gracious interviewees. Stay tuned for our three part series on The Two Man Gentlemen Band.

While I tease through, prepare and try to remember, enjoy Andy and Fuller's blog, Letters from The Gentlevan, which includes everything from tales of the road to etiquette tips, tricks and quizzes. Enjoy, lovelies!

While you're at it, keep tabs of the Gents via Facebook! And pull out your credit card and invest in some good music and good times by buying at least one of their four excellent CDs.

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