What a drizzly day! Today would be a perfect day to cuddle up on the couch, watch a concert DVD, get out my crocheting, pull a fleece blanket over me, and never leave the couch until all this gross weather subsides. However, contrary to my daydream, I'm still at school, listening to the kids' gossip and quibbles. Today is the type of day that I would get home and feel like ordering take-out, but since I'm on this "One-month-til'-Vermont" eating healthy kick (so I can pretty much live on maple syrup on the trip) I'm trying to not eat take-out, and would need something quick, easy, and super healthy to eat. Luckily for us, Lovelies, our dear California Lovely, Laura has the ultimate recipe on her website for a night like tonight. I knew when I saw the picture of the Three-Ingredient Broccoli-Potato Soup that I would instantly fall in love with it. First of all, like I said, so healthy! Second, so cheap! Third, so delicious! Wouldn't this soup be amazing with a ham and cheese panini (perhaps made on the Williams Sonoma panini press which I am drooling over?)?! If you need a rainy-day, healthy dinner, check out Laura's recipe for this soup (check her out anyway, she's gorgeous and can cook!)

serves 2
1 Russet potato, peeled

1 cup broccoli stems

chicken broth or water to cover salt and pepper

Roughly chop potato into chunks. Place in pot and cover with broth or water. Bring to a boil. When you can easily stick a fork in the potato, add the broccoli and cook until tender – you might have to add a bit more broth to cover, but don’t go overboard. At this point, I like to puree my soup with an immersion blender, but it is also good peasant-style (chunky!). Salt and pepper to taste and you’ve got a hearty meal!