My, my, weekends sneak up so fast on us sometimes. Friday already. Wow! This weekend we're ushering in fall, for real, with the last vineyard show, apple cider (there's no such thing as too much!) and the premiere of Where the Wild Things Are (it came out today! I can't believe I didn't make it to the midnight showing!). Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the movie, and enjoy somethings I'm loving right now!

  • Food photographer, writer and all around good guy Andrew Scrivani's new Jar of Sauce rating system on his refurbished website, Making Sunday Sauce. I am impressed by the ratings Scrivani gives certain Manhattan institutions, his takes are bold, and super honest, but very, very true.
  • These adorable cookie cluster cards. I really don't know what else I can say about them. So, so cute.
  • The very though provoking, truth inspiring blog entry by educator, mother extraordinaire, and lovely rockstar Liza about Columbus, Columbus Day, teaching our kids and truth.
  • Flagrante Delicia, it's just beautiful. Mark Bittman* approved, Jenny Lovely approved.

*Speaking of Mark Bittman, check out all around good guy, food writer and photographer Andrew Scrivani on Bittman's New York Times blog, Bitten.


  1. Just bought a masquerade mask for a work party from Etsy and thought of you girls!

  2. Thanks for the props, Jenny and O...I would love to catch up and see you both at some point...considering we probably pass each other in the street unknowingly a few times a week. I'm the bald guy in black hauling groceries all over the E Vill with my camera and laptop in tow.


  3. Thanks Ladies! I love your blog (of course) and the two of you! :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing my little 'Sassy Witch' with your readers. That's the look you get when you run out of M&M's before your done taking pictures LOL Oh, and that's my 2 year old daugher, Tylie, giving that sass hehe

  5. Tylie is adorable. I love Piggy's shop.


  6. I just LOVE the name Tylie! Is it a nick name for anything?