On my friend Ali's blog she posted about these beyond amazing His and Hers pillows for the Urban Age from one of our favorite websites, Darling Dexter. This got me thinking about His and Hers pillows; ironically, when I clicked onto Etsy today, the first item to come up as featured were these Mr. & Mrs. pillows from I Do Take U's store (I love that name!). I think these pillows are lovely for yourself and the husband, or to give as a gift to a new bride and groom (and remember what I said about well-priced wedding gifts?!) I love the color of these pillows, they would easily go with any room's color scheme. And, as a true font-aholic, I happen to love the font that she chose to make these in. It's romantic, but not girly and too silly looking. I Do Take U also sells a Spanish version, the Senor y Senora Scatter Pillows; what a great idea! I wish I had thought of that! Ann, the owner of I Do Take U reminds us that pillows can be custom made with your color choices, initials, or perhaps "His" and "Hers" in another language?!

What would you put on your His&Hers pillows? I think I'd go for "Uxor Et Vir" which is Wife and Man in Latin.

PS. Check out these adorable leather His&Hers luggage tags from Of The Fountain! I LOVE these. How vintage looking and lovely. Again, a great alternative to an expensive present for the next wedding you attend!

PPS. Thanks to Ali for the shout-out on her awesome blog, Push Bar To Open!

PPPS. Thought of Joanna Goddard with these His&Hers bicycle hankies from Cyanide Stitches!

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