Happy Monday! Welcome to the week! I spent most of the weekend in bed with "The Duchess of Duke Street," a BBC show from 1976 produced by the same brilliant minds as "Upstairs, Downstairs" about a strong minded woman who works her way from servant girl to best cook in London, enchanting a king, ditching a husband and saving a hotel along the way. The show is slow, but steady and there is something incredibly addicting about it.

I was pleasantly pleased to find out that the fictional heroine Louisa Trotter was based loosely upon the very real, very strong and very beautiful Rosa Lewis, the "Queen of Cooks" and owner of the Cavendish Hotel.
As the first freelance Chef, she prepared meals for who ever could afford her service, the owner of a Hotel, and a woman who accomplished her greatest goals despite difficulties, Rosa Lewis has become a major inspiration to me. Who inspire you, lovelies?

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