ModCloth's Thanksgiving Thank-a-Thon Blog Contest!

You lovelies know how much love we here at Lovely At Your Side have for ModCloth, 1/3 of our Lovely Dress of the Day posts feature ModCloth-- 1/3, that's a lot. We are so pleased, as you can imagine, to participate in ModCloth's Thanksgiving Thank-a-Thon Blog Contest-- write a blog entry about what you're thankful for, post it in the comments of the entry about the contest and you could win a $100 gift certificate from ModCloth. So, what else am I thankful for besides this contest?

Well, I'm thankful for this dress of the day-- the Grandview Avenue Dress, which makes me want to flit around town, running errands and entertaining the various occupations I may or may not want to fill, for starters. Which brings me directly to what I am really thankful for-- this year.

I graduated from NYU- Go, Bobcats, go!--in May, with a plan. It wasn't like my peers' plans of medical school, law school, working for a bank or a magazine or a non profit organization. My plan wasn't quite as lucrative or impressive--but it was what I needed. Take the year to find my way, take the year to write, and draw and remember who I am away from Russian and Religious Studies (my majors). Take the year to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Let me be clear, there were many elements that contributed to my ability to take this year-- I am endlessly thankful for the support of my family, they have given me all the love in the world, never teased me, never gave me trouble about it. They have consistently understood my need for some time. I am and will always be thankful for that.

I have walk in closets full of thankfulness for the obvious luxury of being able to live off free lance work, and odd jobs for a year--and thankful for the ability to live frugally. Yes, I make little, but I spend less. And in that I am thankful for ModCloth for giving me beautiful dresses to look at every day, to remind me that one day, when I figure out where my life is going, the direction, the career and the clothes required for that career, I can and will invest over and over in their delicious dresses, sassy skirts and terribly tempting t straps.

And that's what I'm thankful for-- what are you thankful for, my lovelies? Let us know here, or write a blog post and let ModCloth know for your own chance to win $100!

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