Sometimes when you're a big sister you have certain responsibilities, teach your baby brother how to be a good boyfriend (always call a girl back, no excuses!), help him with his homework (before he totally by passes you with smarts), and go to pre-prom. Okay, so admittedly, going to pre-prom may have been something we begged Collin to let us go to and less of an obligation. But someone had to be there to take pictures. And eat the free food. And when said little brother rolls into pre-prom an hour late, older sisters are obliged to make friends, and look at the various dresses and wish we could go to prom again looking that good. One dress Olivia loved was this one shouldered number from Intermix. She adored the dress and was very, very pleased to find it, but was significantly less pleased to find out it was close to $500. Which is a significant fraction of a teacher's salary. Luckily, I've located this great single shouldered, ruffle-y number from Forever21 for a small fraction of the originals cost, $24.95.

I just love this number, the only frustrating part about it is the very limited colors they offer it in. I love the black, I'm iffy on the red. I wish there was a teal, a cream, and a lilac. But, no one and nothing is perfect-- build your own happiness, and build it upon this very affordable dress.

For more information, pictures and to buy the H81 Ruffle Shoulder Woven Dress from Forever21, click here!

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