Modcloth started following Lovely At Your Side on twitter yesterday, and I thought that was about the coolest thing ever. That was until I found this dress. I believe in soul mates, but I'm not talking men here. I'm talking soul boots, and soul bags, and soul dresses. I am of the buy what you need camp: don't spend just to spend, donate what you no longer want, if you need it make sure it fits and get it, and if it doesn't fit don't get it.

I've recently found my soul boots, Jessica Simpson via Marshalls. And today I think I found my soul dress, in the Cut to the Lace Dress, from Modcloth. I am always on the prowl for dresses with sleeves for the colder months. I love the slight bell effect on this dress. I love the simple pretty neckline, and the deep dip in the back. I love the beautiful lace pattern. I think what I love most about this dress is the apparent versatility. I honestly feel like this dress can take me from a cocktail party to chores around town. From a winter wedding to an interview with a hip young store owner. I love that this dress can handle huge bauble-y necklaces, or over sized brooches-- it can handle a lot. Alternatively, it can go stark and simple into any event, wear it with bare legs and nude heels and let the dress do all the speaking.

Cameo Victorian Brooch of Three Graces Classical Wedgwood, Lady in Silver- Vintage Fabric Brooch, Adorable West Highland Terrier Brooch Diamond Style Earring Red Bow, Bee Wings Brooch Silver Plated Pin.

Ivory Garden-Aqua Vintage Facets and Roses Necklace, Turquoise Bauble Necklace, Baubles Necklace, Fun Hip Chunky Vintage Bauble Necklace.

For more information, pictures and to buy the Cut to the Lace Dress, click here!

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