First off, my love affair with dresses which sport a jersey bodice and a full skirt (usually attached by a thick elastic waist cinching band) has been well, well documented on Lovely. They're comfortable, versatile, look awesome, and did I mention comfortable?

Beyond the beauty of all the previously blogged dresses, Modcloth's Saturday Scrimmage Dress also has that pretty plaid skirt and that chunky zipper in the back which I absolutely adore. (I really don't know what this is about, but I love me a chunky zipper! On a boot. On a skirt. On a dress. On a top. On a bag.)

But this dress makes me want to pair it with chunky cable knit tights, soul boots (or your right now boots), an over sized cashmere sweater and a team scarf. It makes me want to go to the Harvard-Yale football game. Admittedly, I did not go to Harvard or Yale. I went to NYU- Go Violets!- but we don't have a football team. And, really, if they did I don't think it would inspire any outfits. This dress makes me want to take a train to New Haven or Cambridge on a cold, sunny, fall day and watch old plaid meet new tweed. Makes me want to rub leather elbow patches with the old school tradition of the game. I, myself, have always been a Harvard girl- my daddy is a Harvard man. But I'm up for being swayed, show me what Yale can do, and maybe I'll be convinced. The great part about the Saturday Scrimmage Dress is that it has crimson and navy blue running through it! You don't have to decide who you support until you arrive, or until half time, or until the games over---or, until you decide who had the better after party.

For more information, pictures and to buy the Saturday Scrimmage Dress, click here!

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