Lovely Monday, Lovelies! Just, for your information, some things I love-- skim Chai lattes, no foam (yes, I am that girl), the part of "Blister in the Sun" where the song gets really quiet and then really loud again, and stripes. I love stripes so much my mother sometimes tells me I'm giving her headaches from the optical illusions my striped shirts cause. I have 5 stripped shirts, that I wear cyclically- stripped tunic, stripped short sleeved t-shirt, stripped cashmere sweater and so on. So it's really no surprise that I love this "Here's the Scoop Neck Dress" from Modcloth. It also shouldn't strike any of you as a surprise that "Blister in the Sun" is the song my alarm plays, and that I desperately want a skin no foam Chai Latte right now.

For more information, pictures and to buy the Here's the Scoop Neck Dress, click here!

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