When you're on the mend from being sick you start to realize how much energy you usually have that has been zapped due to the cold, flu whatever. I'm currently on the mend, and am realizing I almost have the energy to bake pies, cookies and cup cakes again. Almost (I did sleep like 11 hours last night). When the energy is all back I want to rock ModCloth's The Hours Dress, get out my stand mixer, throw on an apron and bake, bake, bake.
The pattern will hide a resulting flour mess, the cotton will clean nicely, the smocked waist band will allow for comfortable, easy movement (reaching up for flour, bending down to retrieve biscuits from the oven) and keep your cellphone in the pocket so you know when your friends are stopping buy to chat and take some of those treats off your hands (counters!).

For more information, pictures and to buy The Hours Dress, click here!

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