Made up story which I wish was a true story: if we weren't going to name Lovely At Your Side "Lovely At Your Side," we would have (should have, gosh darnit!) named it "Pink Chiffon Tiered Dress." The Chiffon Tiered Dress from Charlotte Russe is sort of the motto of my company, it fits in with "tea party appropriate" and (my new term) "Daisy Buchanan casual." The dress is truly lovely in every sense of the word, the sweet baby pink color, the angling of the tiers, the fluffy light chiffon and the gold embellished neckline--lovely, lovely and lovely! I love that you can take the dress from black tights and a cashmere cardigan for Holiday parties all the way to gold sandals and fireflies in the summer. Know what else is lovely about this dress? The price--for $24.99 how can you not buy this wonderful piece?!

For more information, pictures and to buy The Chiffon Tiered Dress, click here!

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