Growing up I had this dream, it involved my mother taking me to the city in a limo to see the Nutcracker on a chilly day in December. It involved me wearing a pretty little skirt set, a fancy coat, a beret and a muff. And it involved my mother wearing a matching outfit. This never happened. If you know my mother you know that she has little interest in any populated area in Manhattan, no interest in the Nutcracker, and zero interest in investing in matching outfits for Mother and Daughter, no matter how much I begged. And I begged.

I finally made it to the Nutcracker last year, Olivia and I decided it was time to start full filling some of our own child hood dreams. We enjoyed the ballet, followed by drinks and appetizers at The Stone Rose Lounge in Columbus Circle.

I wore a black leotard, a black pencil skirt, a leopard print silk scarf as a belt, and brown boots. And while in some ways it was close to my childhood dream, the Nutcracker Suite Dress from Modcloth would have been the adult answer to my childhood ideal. It's the sort of dramatic dress that only works for the Christmas season. There's something retro about it, sweet and modern while still calling on the '60s. You could wear this adorable dress with little white gloves and look just as timelessly chic and fashionable as Jackie O.

For more information, pictures and to buy the Nutcracker Suite Dress, click here!


  1. Gah! I, too, had dreams of traipsing to the ballet admidst snowy skyscrapers in a beret and muff! I've got the former, but can you BELIEVE how hard it is to find a good muff these days?

  2. HOW COULD I FORGET THE MUFF? that was the most important part. I actually found one recently, I can't remember where though, or where it is for that matter!

  3. I believe my mother fulfilled that dream with my sister and me (minus the matching mother outfit). She made us little black velvet dresses with matching black-and-white plaid pinafores. And we always wore fancy coats, berets, and muffs. Always.