My mother is notorious for carrying around bags of books wherever she goes; she has a great fear of being stranded in a waiting room, on a train, or waiting in the car for someone without something to read. This is why when I came across these gorgeous book plates and tote bags from Sweet Water Crafts, I knew that they would be a Lovely Present Pick for not only my mother, but for all your mothers! I simply adore the art deco style look of the Botanical Arch Custom Book Plate; there's just so many reasons I love these bookplates as presents. For one, they are customizable, and we all know how I feel about customizable presents; and two, this set of eighteen beautiful bookplates is only $9.50! What a perfectly priced present! As a lovely accompaniment to the bookplate, I have fallen in love with this linen tote bag featuring a vintage woman; the bag measures 6x5.75, a perfect size for a book or two! This bag would helpful at the library, supermarket, or even used at a picnic. I know my mother would love these two gifts, especially paired with a new book on art, cookbook, or an odd used book from the early 1900's. These are truly lovely gifts for such a lovely price! (I may have to get some for myself...what a lovely idea!). These are a great Holiday Gift Idea for not just your mother, but grandmother, best friend, S.O.'s mom/grandma, or any book lover in your life!

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