Happy Monday, Lovelies! Today we have a very special Etsy find and Lovely Present Pick! Check out these beautiful crocheted hats made by Lovely's very own Jenny. These are warm, adorable, and one-of-a-kind stylish winter hats which would perk up your winter wardrobe. What a great gift idea for your mother, sister, best friend, or like I'm doing, they are a great little gift for your significant others' siblings. These crocheted hats are ideal for men, women, children...and we even tried them on the dog, but she wasn't too happy about it. Plus, Jenny is more than happy to custom design a hat for you or your loved ones this holiday! These hats are a steal; you won't find handmade hats like these at any department store for under twenty dollars! I've already bought five from Jenny for this year's holiday! And heads up, Lovelies, we'll be adding tons and tons of hats to the store in the next few days (along with aprons and scarves!), so keep checking back!

1. White, Blue, Brown Crocheted Hat; 2. Lovely Sunset Crocheted Hat; 3. Flapper Crocheted Hat

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