This morning I made a lovely concoction and wanted to share it with you all in time for the holidays! I call this winter drink "The Chocolate Candy Cane" and it would be perfect either for cold winter mornings, or dolled up with some alcohol, marshmallows, and holiday paraphernalia for your next holiday party. It's the easiest drink in the world to make, I promise.

The basic recipe is this (and I'm doing this for a single serving, but feel free to expand this to as many servings as you need!): brew a cup of peppermint tea (don't leave the teabag in for too, too long so that your water base isn't too strong of peppermint); add to the cup of tea, a dash of milk, and your favorite hot chocolate mix--mix up and drink! If you'd like to dress up the drink, add a peppermint stick, or candy cane and marshmallows; if you want to add that little kick to the drink, add some Peppermint Schnapps and a dash of Kahlua! What a sweet way to add some minty-love to your next holiday get together! And, as a delicious side to this treat, check out these scrumptious looking Candy Cane Bark from Sweetest Sin Bakeshop. Can't you just picture your favorite mug all decked out with the Chocolate Candy Cane drink, a peppermint stick, three marshmallows, and a side of Candy Cane Bark?! Invite your favorite girls over for holiday movie night and serve up this wintery treat!

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