I am a huge fan of Do It Yourself Kits. I especially love creative kits. When I came upon this awesome gift idea from Urban Cheese Craft, I knew it would make a perfect holiday present pick for your friend that lives far away from you. Like we discussed with the delicious cupcakes from The Cupcake Mint, in which you can decorate your own cupcakes, I love giving gifts with an action to them. Picture this: your friend lives far away, you can't celebrate the holidays with her/him, you send them this awesome DIY Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit and they can make their own cheese to celebrate the holidays! What a sweet gift which comes with such a fun (and scrumptious) project!

Did you ever think you could make cheese right from your own kitchen, in your pajamas, on New Years Eve (or, anytime? If it were me, I'd be making it every night!)? Now you can, and with Urban Cheese Craft's help, it is super easy! The kit comes with an instruction booklet, fine cheesecloth, dairy thermometer, vegetable rennet tablets, citric acid, and cheese salt. And, as they describe, even the kitchen-fool can figure this out; all it takes is, "Just add a gallon of milk and in one hour you will be eating and sharing your very own fresh mozzarella or ricotta!" And furthermore, the kit makes 10 batches of cheese...so you can experiment with all sorts of flavors and spices all holiday season! I am totally in love with this lovely idea. It seems so old-fashioned, traditional, yet...urban!


  1. This is so cool!! I had no idea this kind of thing existed ANY where!!Thanks for the find, you guys are amazing!!

  2. I love this! I've seen more commercial ones, but seriously, nothing beats Etsy. Thank you girls so much for turning me on to the site - I will definitely let you know what great gift finds I pick up!!