As many of you know, our brother is adjourning abroad for four years in Scotland. He'll be coming home for the holidays, however, and I wanted to make sure that whatever present we gave him would be something useful, and something he can bring back to college and show off to his friends. Today's Lovely Etsy Find of the Day and Holiday Present Pick is for the proverbial younger brother in your life; whether it be a cousin, significant other's sibling, or your own younger brother, I thought that this Leather Pocket Flask by Hardwick Housewares would be the perfect holiday gift pick.

Not only is this flask a handsome accoutrement for any man, but the price is lovely, as well! I love the clean lines, the classy sturdiness, and traditional aspect of this gift. This is a very unique and useful gift! These flasks, although made from leather, are ready to be used, whether for juice, alcohol, or water. Also, I know that Collin would love the fact that these vessels have a history to them, "Each vessel is hardened using an ancient process known as Cuir Bouilli and finished to the highest standard. [...] While this specific design is unique, vessels of this type were common in medieval England. The simple, compact design makes them just as practical today."

They come in five different color options (we love, love, love customizable gifts here at Lovely!), brown, red, black, green and natural (undyed, golden brown); what a perfect gift to get for the traveling man in your life. Collin, if you're reading this, act surprised in about a month.

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