One of the downsides of growing up and becoming an adult is getting presents for those cursory people in your life; no longer are you a child who can just fly under the radar as an accomplice to your parent, but you become the one who has to not only purchase, but the one who has to pick out the purchases for these somewhat random people in your life. For example, my parents have some very friendly, sweet, and helpful friends; they definitely deserve a little holiday-lovin', but it's hard to figure out something that's inexpensive, yet lovely to get for them.

I adore this Lovely little Gingerbread Man Candle from Beelightful Creations (love that title!)! Gingerbread Men and Women are a perfect holiday treat and gift because they are non-denominational. Food doesn't belong in one religion or another, for everyone loves food! Everyone also needs light; I love the idea that this shape, typically used for cookies or ornaments also can multifunction as a candle. What a perfect candle to use for a holiday party, keep on the mantle, or use all year round. It is a natural beeswax candle with a natural cotton wick and no scent, which makes it safe for use in the kitchen, too! This candle is 3 inches tall and comes in a giftbox, making it a perfect and lovely little present for the holidays!

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