Today's Holiday Present Pick was the most fun to research: what do you get for those little, adorable girls in your life? Whether it's for the kids you nanny for, your cousins, your boyfriend's nieces, or your own children, picking out presents for little girls is especially fun for us over here at Lovely. There's something about all that glitter, pink, teacups, and dolls which makes any shopping experience delightful. Today, after scouring a ton of Etsy stores, I bring to you Lovely's picks for the ultimate holiday gift for that beautiful little Lovely in your life.

I simply adore this felt Tea Party Set from Little Bitty Bakery. I love that it's safe to play with without worrying about breaking anything; now, girls of any age can happily pretend to pour tea (and as my grandmother says, "Make the tea-pouring sound.") and serve biscuits and cake! I happen to love the color combination shown in the image, but Little Bitty Bakery is happy to make any color combination for you (match it to the tutu you buy her!). This set comes with ten pieces, "It comes with teapot with removable lid, 2 cups, 2 saucer, sugar caddy with 3 sugar cubes, a spoon and 2 little teabags;" felt teabags! This present couldn't get any lovelier! (PS. Pair this gift with the felt Chocolate Cake for a true tea party experience!)

Not all girlies, however, dig the tea party get-up; some girls, like myself, are more cooks than bakers. This is why I fell in love with the felt Veggies Play Food Set from Pickle Things. I adore the items from Pickle Things; all the felt food is so well hand crafted and ready not only for play, but to be displayed as mini-pieces of art! And this is a great deal, "This pack includes 2 asparagus, 2 carrots, 2 broccoli and 1 potato. " What a great way to start to get children to think about cooking healthy food!

I couldn't let this day of Present Picks for Little Lovelies pass by without showing you a Lovely Little Doll. This Knitted Buddy Doll from Granny Knits looks like she is ready to be taken home and loved, washed, and loved some more. Each Buddy Doll has a name, this one is Veronica, and Veronica is safe for all ages, made in a smoke-free home, and is soft and cuddly. Her clothing is all attached so the little ones won't choke! She is about nine inches tall and would bring a smile to any little girl's face. Check out the selection of dolls for boys and girls at Granny Knits!

And, of course, we here at Lovely simply adore tutus. Since not every girl is a ballerina, I loved the idea of these "tutu-dresses." What little Lovely doesn't love to play dress up? This Sugar Plum Tutu Dress from Issy Missy "is made with almost 150 yards of tulle. It includes three tones, purple, lavender and white." However, the dress is easily customizable (imagine this dress as a flower girl dress!). I love the color of this dress and it's sweet nature. Any little girl would love running barefoot around a garden in this beautiful number!

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