Hi Lovelies! My name is Maya Klauber and I'm beyond happy to be guest-posting today. I went to high school with these lovely sisters and this blog has quickly become a real favorite of mine. I check in multiple times a day. With the holidays upon us, I’d love to bring your attention to a unique gift idea I’ve recently found for some lovelies in my own life. Surely some of you are Scrabble lovers or at least know someone who is, am I right? Growing up, Scrabble was a major staple in “Daddy-daughter” time (following pancakes) so naturally I have fond memories associated with this game. My brother and I would also play with my grandmother and would just laugh as we let her notoriously "made up" words slide. These are still some of the best memories I have of her. I went on to become a die-hard English major and have spent full day playing Scrabble with friends, family, my boyfriend and anyone else who will indulge me. That being said, check out these fantastic "Upcycled Scrabble" pendants that come in necklace, ring, earring, magnet or pin form and can even be customized with an image of your choosing for no extra cost! Each pendant is unique and handcrafted using an upcycled Scrabble tile and packaged in a lined, colored gift box that is ready to go!

Also, for any man in your life with whom you can share a good game of Scrabble, consider getting these adorable Scrabble cufflinks! They're a great way for a guy to be professional and still show his funny and charmingly nerdy side!

Maya graduated from Colby College in the wilds of Maine and then came back to her homeland for graduate school to be closer to her awesome family. She's pursuing her masters degree in social work at Columbia University in preparation for working with both kids living with chronic illness and their families. She's a lover of animals, poetry, music, autumn and Lovely at your Side.

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