Before you rush off to your exciting lives this weekend (I'm off to Vermont, will let you know all about it next week!) just wanted to do a roundup of these last weeks' Holiday Present Picks. Let us know, over here at Lovely, if any of these strike your fancy and diminish your wallet this holiday season. What are you getting for your favorite little girls, parent's friend, sister's S.O., grandma, and sister this holiday season? Do tell!

Grandmothers' love framing pictures of their grandchildren, so don't forget to get your grandma this beautiful and lovely Off White Rose Picture Frame from Cranberry Creek Hollow and put a printed picture of you and your siblings in it for your grandmother this year!

And for your beautiful sister, get her this Modern Feminine Evil Eye Cocktail Ring from MerCurios. This unique and original ring is a great way to say "I Love You!" during the holiday season to your favorite sidekick.

...and for your sister's S.O., I am loving this Walnut Duck Call Key Ring!

I loved finding the Holiday Present Picks for the little girls in my life, and I know that any little girl in your life will just flip for the Knitted Doll from Granny Knits, the Tea Party Set from Itty Bitty Bakery, The Veggie Play Set from Pickle Things, and the Sugar Plum Tutu Dress from Issy Missy!

Remember, for that extra person in your life, this adorable Gingerbread Candle from Beelightful Creations is the way to go! And for your best friend far away, this DIY Cheese Kit from Urban Cheese is the ultimate gift!

Stay tuned next week for Lovely Present Picks for brothers, mothers, grandfathers, and your office buddy! Let us know if you have any great suggestions for these, too! Happy Weekend ox!


  1. Hi guys :) It's Maya! Your suggestions are great as always and I think I'll steal a few. Here's some ideas on my own shopping list: (For the traveller in your life) (Perfect for the holidays) (For the flower love in your life) (For the animal lover/environmentalist in your life)

  2. Hi Maya!

    I love those luggage tags as well. I posted about them here: are a great gift!

    The S'mores maker is GREAT! Love that!! Also, love the flower pot latch...I may need that for my apt! And I am totaaaally getting the fly gun for my step-dad!

    GREAT finds! Thanks!! Keep 'em coming! ox Olivia

  3. And thank you again for including MerCurios in your Holiday gift giving picks. Thank you!!