In a sea of very uncomfortable looking girls in tiny polyester dresses, and spike heels looking towards nothing but a night of standing and walking and chilly fall weather, I could not have been happier in my costume. Not only was Max, from Where the Wild Things Are, topical (the movie just came out!) but it was warm, comfortable and still lovely! Upon all of that, it cost me close to nothing! I made the ears from gray fur my grandmother had from her puppet making days, I quickly sewed two triangles, stuffed them and sewed them up. Then I sewed them to my hoodie, from Old Navy on sale for $8! I wore Olivia's gray sparkly leggings from JCrew last Christmas, and my boots. And in a last minute panic for a tail I crocheted one! It was the exact shape and length I wanted, and took under 20 minutes. The costume was perfect, especially on such a drizzly New York evening-- I had a hood to protect me!

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