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Hello Lovelies! Now that the holidays are closing in, I need to get serious about presents, and buckle down to start wrapping, taping, boxing, and shipping my presents out to those people who aren't within my dropping-presents-off-vicinity. And, this year, due to lack of funds and the nearness of my moving, I decided not only to get real about making sure my gifts are out early, but making sure I don't spend more than necessary on them. I took this on as a delightful challenge and made a giant list of great gifts for my loved ones, all at a price I could handle.

E's family lives out in Illinois, so we decided to send our gifts out there long before the holidays, to ensure that they were sitting under the tree when we arrive on Christmas day. This doesn't pose a problem for most of the presents, except for one: The Banana Bread. E's father loves my banana-coconut-cream pie; I am thrilled that he loves something I can bake (uh, because I'm way more of a cook than baker) and I would love to send him a banana cream pie in the mail...but, that's obviously not happening. Therefore, I decided to hit up Ikea for pretty and simple baking pans, and fill them with banana bread, which is easy to send in the mail.

Here's where the problem lies! I don't have a fantastic recipe for Banana Bread! I love the one from Smitten Kitchen, it looks really savory and rich. However, I was wondering what YOU all had to say?! Who out there has some interesting, delicious, and present-worthy recipes for Banana Bread? Do share!

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  1. I have not made SK's banana bread, but I have such faith in her recipes that I make them for company without any practice runs.