Remember I mentioned Paris for New Years? Right, well I am now in packing-mode-lock-down, which is a lot like crisis-mode-lock-down but more suitcases involved. I've heard that the rage right now in Paris is tight, high heeled boots, in black, not New York's over the knee Robin Hood style boots, a la my soul boots. I'm trying not to panic over this, I am me, and if Paris doesn't want me than Paris can buy me new boots, because I can't afford any. (Yes, I would change for Paris).

I must run to Joyce Leslie for comfortable tank tops, leggings and a nice tunic top to wear on the flight. I've got to make a trip to Forever21 for some cute mini skirts, patterned tights and oh-so-cheap belts. And you better believe dresses, this Adorned Flutter Sleeved Tunic in particular. I love all things embellished. I love well executed minis (I unknowingly wore a top as a dress to my birthday this summer). And I love funky numbers I can play with. So this dress comes as no surprise. Can I wear this dress in Paris with black tights, my black suede high heeled boots (yes, I do have a pair) and a heavy cashmere belted coat (no, I do not have a cashmere coat)? Yes, absolutely. Can I wear this dress with a creative belt? With gold lion heads on it, cinched at the waist? Definitely.
The versatility of this dress makes it a good travel item, it can be re-purposed--for the space of one outfit I can stretch three or so outfits out of this one adorable tunic. And saving room in the suitcase is key, all the more space and reason for new Parisian purchases.
For more information, pictures and to buy the Adorned Flutter Sleeved Tunic, click here!

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  1. You may be saved. Check out Bill Cunningham's weekly "On the Street" package for the NYT, the one entitled "A Story with Legs." Tides could have turned by now, but over-the-knee, black boots started in Paris this fall!