Plans are shaping up, and it looks as though I'll be spending New Years in Paris. Yes! Paris! My first visit! Being named Genevieve I always felt like a little French girl in an American family in America. From the ages of 6-16 I focused solely on Paris, so much like every other girl from Long Island I'm sure. Anyway, in anticipation of being in Paris for New Years Eve, I am looking for the perfect dress and the Steel My Kisses Dress from Modcloth seems to be a good contender. Not only does it riff off of a song I love, Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper, but it's a pun! I love puns! Additionally, the steel color of the dress mixed with the softness of the lace neckline and deep v back is so beautiful I'm hiding my credit card.
For more information, pictures and to buy the Steel My Kisses Dress, click here!

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