Since all that is on my mind right now/ the only thing I really want to think about is Paris (sorry, GMATs, you're just not as interesting; and if I flip back and forth one more time about business school I think I'll scream-- so I'll do what I do oh-so-well: not think about it until after the New Year!) I'll be posting on my packing and pre-packing shopping.My apologies, lovelies. I believe packing should be light, pack light in a big bag and you have plenty of room for new purchases (wool, shoes, dresses, hats, headbands, and of course gifties for everyone on the nice list). I am one of those people who tries on all my outfits before I pack them and tries to reuse pieces as much as possible. Which gets me to the dress of the day, I want to pack pieces I can wear more than once, a lot more than once. Pieces I can wear to coffee and croissant with my notebook, shopping and a snack with my baby sister or white wine and white truffle risotto with my father. The dress needs to be versatile and rewearable.

The Pleated Ponte Dress from Forever21 is one of the dresses I feel fits the credentials-- it's plain enough to dress up over and over again, but not so plain that it has no life of its own. The dress has a personality, but one that will change with accessories, with heels, with belts. I recognize that it is pretty similar to my previous Dress of the Day find, but there are some major and important differences here. This dress, the Pleated Ponte Dress is made from a rayon-polyester blend, it will not crease in your bag during travel. I could pull it out after I've arrived at our apartment, shower the plane away and jump into the dress for dinner without another thought. This dress has pockets, which you know I love, love, love. This dress has no embellishment, where there Pleated Twill Dress had the adorable faux belt, the Pleated Ponte Dress has none, which allows you to back six different belts, which you will wear over and over of course, and change the tone of the dress repeatedly-- thick, chunky belts with boots, or shiny skinny belts with stilettos--the combinations are endless!

For more information, pictures and to buy the Pleated Ponte Dress, click here!

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