Some dresses are just made for a woman's body, you can just tell by looking at them that they flatter and fit in all the right ways. Some dresses are not made for a woman's body, we call these Calvin Kleins, I kid, I kid. Some dresses are born so that you can look your best. The Opera Box Dress from Modcloth will perfectly complement your lovely hips, resulting in many lovely compliments on your perfect hips. It will fit just snug enough around your adorable waist, so none of your hard work will be wasted. Yes, I do think I'm very funny. But II am serious about how beautifully this dress looks like it would fit. This is the sort of dress that is so effortlessly wonderful that you could run into the house from work, with only twenty minutes to prepare for a holiday party, tired and harried. With the finishing zipper teeth of this dress, you transform from you to glamorous you, sleek and chic, lovely and luxurious.
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