T minus ten days until I leave for Paris. I have not started packing yet (I am told this is normal, and that my habit of packing 15-10 days before a trip is abnormal. Me? Abnormal? What? Never!) and am open to any and all ideas on that front. Meanwhile, I still don't know the plans, if I'll be needing multiple, or any, lovely going out outfits. I have been alerted that Paris is generally less casual than most US cities, but I figure if I revert to the Manhattan-me I'll be alright. I've mentioned before that I tend to be overdressed, I'm hoping this serves me well in Paris.

More importantly I don't know what I'll be wearing for New Years. I guess I have something in my wardrobe, but isn't the Sugar Plum Fairy Dress like, almost perfect for New Years in Paris? Black, gauzy and fluffy. Beyond that the dress looks well made, the tailoring on the bodice looks very particular, well fitted and flattering. It's sparkly and also has an exposed back zipper, which I just love, love, love.

What do you Lovelies think? What direction should I go in for New Years? What should I pack for Paris?! I'm open to any and all advice!

For more information, pictures and to buy the Sugar Plum Fairy Dress, click here!

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