There is nothing I love more than when you lovelies come to us for assistance, especially for dress assistance. Contributor and reader, Laura, contacted Lovely late the other night, requesting dress help for a "Tinseltown themed event for New Year's" in which she's working and attending. The dress needed to coincide with the guests of the night, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Frank Sinatra. And the dress needed to be $50, but preferably less. I quickly hit the internet for dresses and sent Laura a massive missive with a ton of dresses. I tried to pick dresses in the Hollywood glam style, which were comfortable, wearable through the whole night of working a party, flashy and fun for New Years, but not over the top since Laura will be at work. I present you lovelies with what I think are the highlights.

$25-$50 (below)

$0-$24.99 (below)

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  1. Thanks soo much Jenny! I was thrilled with your quick response! I'll let you girls know what I end up wearing...have soo much fun in Paris!!