I really wanted to post this dress, the Postal Service Dress, when I posted for Laura's work event, but it was well out of her price point. I just love, love this little number-- the color, the neckline, the interesting asymmetry of it. The dress looks so thoughtfully made, considered and planned. Plus the neckline is sweet, yet sexy, but not too revealing. I love dresses like this which do it all--accessories are unnecessary, the dress is interesting enough to carry the whole outfit! What a great New Years dress, sure it's not sparkly and flashy, but I have no doubt any of my beautiful readers would get all the best kind of attention in this dress. I only wish I had found it sooner...I'm still on the prowl for the perfect Parisian New Years Dress...any advice, Lovelies?

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  1. This one was my favorite of all the ones you sent me! But alas...I need to save money so I can one day move out of my parents house. lol!