Today, while browsing The New York Times style section (the only reason I love Wednesdays!), I came across the article "The Wedding? I’m Here for the Cookies." The article discusses an old tradition in Pittsburgh, PA in which "as long as anyone here can remember, wedding receptions in Pittsburgh have featured cookie tables, laden with dozens of homemade old-fashioned offerings like lady locks, pizzelles and buckeyes. For weeks ahead — sometimes months — mothers and aunts and grandmas and in-laws hunker down in the kitchen baking and freezing. Then, on the big day, hungry guests ravage the buffet, piling plates high and packing more in takeout containers so they can have them for breakfast the next day." Um, hello! I love, love, love this tradition! This got me thinking about cookies; this year I have baked, and will be baking a ton (yes, a ton...I accidentally put in 8x the amount of water in the gingerbread cookie dough...) of cookies. Along with the gingerbread cookies, I will be making sugar cookies. However, I put that extra little twist of love in the cookies with a colorful spark. See, I make three batches of sugar cookies; I twist red food coloring into one, blue into the second, and green into the third. I don't mix the coloring in, however. I poke some holes in the dough, pour the drops in and twist the dough, forming a tie-dyed, ethereal look. The red dough becomes candy canes, the blue becomes doves, and the green become little holiday trees. When they are baked, the colors are vivid and lovely.

Want some good sugar cookie recipes? Check out the "Ideal Sugar Cookie" and the "Basic Sugar Cookie" recipe from Martha Stewart. Also, take a peek at the recipe from the Joy of Baking or the "Vanilla Sugar Cookie" recipe from Ms. Paula Deen. Too busy to bake cookies this year? Check out these awesome Etsy stores which will bake fresh cookies and send them to you and your loved ones this year! The "Classic Vanilla Sugar Cookies" from The Home Baker look delicious, sweet, and like a perfect accompaniment to a cup of hot cocoa. The sugar cookies from Edith and Ethel look classic, traditional, and completely scrumptious.
What's your favorite cookie to bake for the holidays?! Do share!

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