Hi all! Sorry for my recent absence...apartment hunting=not so much fun. Let's get back on track with the gift pick of today: a fantastic lovely present pick for grandparents. My grandmother and grandfather love, love, love to do jigsaw puzzles. In fact, they love their puzzles so much that they get super competitive about them and hide pieces from each other so that they can be the last one to finish and get credit for the puzzle. We get them 1000 piece puzzles for every holiday imaginable, and within two days, the puzzle will be done, sitting proudly upon their little card table and waiting for everyone to admire it. So, when I searched for "jigsaw puzzle" on Etsy and came across the Custom Wooden Puzzles from Custom Dog Bandanas, I knew they would make a perfect present pick for grandparents.

I love the puzzles from Custom Dog Bandanas because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices! This means you aren't glued down to one price or puzzle size, thus making these totally unique and one-of-a-kind presents for anyone special in your life. These are truly unique gifts in that the puzzle image is any one you choose (grandparents love pictures of their grandchildren!)...okay, so you're thinking, I can have this done at any CVS or Rite Aid, right? Wrong. These custom puzzles are original all the way from the image on the puzzle to the way that the pieces are shaped, "Advantages to a hand cut puzzle rather than machine/laser cut: I can cut around specific areas like faces, patterns, etc. I can add special puzzle pieces in different shapes, names, years, and more (additional charge). Laser cut puzzles are usually cardboard, while these are wood and will last a lifetime for many generations to enjoy." I love the idea of having grandchildren's names cut out of the pieces, or pieces which just contain faces...what a fun way to send some love to your grandparents this holiday season!

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