For the computer nerd and/or the reader: For those of you who just can’t afford to buy a Kindle for everyone you know (let alone yourself!), there’s a different way to please the tech-savvy bookworms in your life. Daily Lit provides free and low-cost books straight to your inbox or through an RSS feed; the books are divided by chapter or section and arrive on whatever schedule you choose! Pick out some books for yourself, and then use the website’s handy “Gift this book” tool to cover everyone on your list!

For people who have everything: Every year, there are certain people that I find it harder and harder to buy gifts for. Not anymore! Knock Knock has the wackiest, funniest, and most useful office, organization, and just-for-fun supplies. Highlights include but are definitely not limited to the Professional Correspondence Kit (on sale!), the Paper Email, and the To Don’t notepad.

For the Lovely in your life: ModCloth “Social Club” coasters would be perfect for any girl on your list – including your fiancé’s sister (hmm, can’t imagine who’s left on my list!) The coasters are perfect for entertaining or every day – they’re definitely decoration-worthy!

Something that manages to be both whimsical and elegant is the Little Birch Jewelry Stand from Urban Outfitters. It’s simple and functional, but will look good with clean lines or a funky assortment of other room decor.

Finally, a unique gift that will be treasured for years to come is china. I got my first teacup and saucer when I was 16, and I’ve started collecting them. I don’t have any pattern in more than one teacup and saucer (yet), but that’s part of the fun – they’re so beautiful to display and I just keep finding more and more patterns to fall in love with! If you’re just searching for someone who doesn’t have her own pattern, go to Etsy first. I found this beautiful saucer-tasse set among literally hundreds of pages! If you know a girl who already has a collection, sneakily find out the name and head over to Replacements, Ltd. They have a list of almost every china pattern that exists in the world, and they have extra pieces and special pieces that your lovely friend or family member may not be able to find anywhere else.

Laura is a recent Duke graduate who’s saving money by living in Maine with her mother – but it’s definitely not as bad as it sounds! She enjoy shoes, sales, and annoying flash games. Oddly enough, She's never met either of the Lovely sisters, but her college roommate is friends with them from high school, and we connected through the wonders of the internet. Check her out over at her personal style blog, Mainely Fashion.

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