This week we set out to find a kitchen implement at Sur La Table that we just couldn't figure out what to do with. Now we both know our way around the kitchen, so we were looking for the perfect Christmas implement. We browsed through the stores looking at pots and picking up some Bar Keepers Friend, and in the back corner of the store we found it. A 6 pronged heavy fork that resembled small a shiny rake with a wooden handle-- a Chocolate Fork. So we bought our wares and wen home to scratch our heads about what this beautiful implement is for. Here's what we came up with.

The chocolate fork could be used for:

  • Picking out 6 chocolates from any given box of chocolates.
  • One half of a mismatched set of turkey lifters
  • A pitchfork prop for a Godiva ad which reenacts American Gothic
  • A very challenging way to eat chocolate ice cream
  • A rake to separate your cocoa beans from your navy beans
  • Could serve as a miniature hot dog roasting stick. You could bam out 6 mini roasted hot dogs at a time.
  • For roasting 6 small ears of corn? All on the chocolate fork. Life has never been easier.
  • As an aid in polishing your toes while you get a manicure for those with tiny feet

Additionally the chocolate fork could be the newer & improved Feng Shui Sand Garden Rake. The rakes that usually accompany the sand gardens are definitely up to some competition with the chocolate fork. The chocolate fork is fierce and could knock any pebble out of its way. The Feng Shui gardens are generally more delicately organized, but with the chocolate fork, a person could forgo sand & plunk in some heavy clay as its base.


The Chocolate fork could be used to break chocolate apart easily for tempering, melting or eating. Merry Christmas and Happy Chocolating!

Catie Olson is a Chicago based artist and a pie and wine connoisseur As well as practicing her own art she also runs the Spiderbug Film Festival, and the FLAT space along with Erik Brown.
Meg Duguid is a Chicago based artist and a comedy and pie connoisseur. As well as practicing her own art she also runs the Clutch Gallery which is located in her purse.
Together Meg and Catie have been collaborating for the last 4 years creating artwork about pie and food.

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