One of the benefits of working in my profession is the wonderful artistic people I get to come in to contact with all the time. Whether they are visual artists, film makers, managers, designers, directors, or actors – there is always talent around me. Whenever I’m tempted to say that this is the function solely of working in the non profit arts world, I am quickly reminded that I have always had a really dynamic group of artists around me. There are few better example of this than my friend Katherine.

Kat (ahem, Katherine Spencer Carey) and I met when I was ten years old (really, I started 6th grade when I was ten. Late birthday) and we have been friends ever since. It wasn’t until we were older that it occurred to us that we would probably be friends even if we didn’t have substantial history behind us. We went to separate colleges, where I studied Theatre and she began to pursue a career in Photography. And friends: this girl is going places.

Giving art for the holidays is always tricky, but when it’s given correctly it is a grand slam. Katherine’s photography is alternating haunting and hopeful, but always beautiful. She is a really dynamic talent that is just getting her start in this world, and what a wonderful way to add a bit of class to your house or office – or your friends and family’s homes. I can personally attest to the appeal of her photography, as my apartment is currently adorned with four of her beautiful prints.

Check out the pictures below and then feel free to e-mail her for more information at

Happy Holidays, all you lovelies out there – and thanks to Liv and Jenny for the guest blogging invite!

Taylor is a non profit arts administrator living in New York City. You can read more of her writing at her blog.

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