In between my online shopping for everyone in my life, I came across this amazing deal and had to share it with you all! For the remainder of today you can get a full year subscription to a bunch of popular and fantastic magazines for merely $5 a year! That's one magazine a month, almost 90% off the list price! I went a little magazine crazy...when I told E that there would be around six magazines coming to the house, I have to admit, he did laugh at me. However, for $5, how could I not get subscriptions to magazines chock full of fashion, recipes, home decor, and great style ideas?! I ended up ordering Food&Wine, Southern Living, Country Living, and Real Simple (I also got E one, and bought myself Good Housekeeping at a little higher a price for a whopping $7 a year!). I cannot wait to cuddle up on the couch and read my stack of magazines (which, did I mention, would end up being less than 50 cents an issue?) while sipping hot cocoa and listening to holiday music! What magazines would you get?! What a great present idea!

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