Hey Lovelies! As I may have mentioned 10-20 times today already I am going to Paris for New Years. If I seem a little excited it's because I am, you try being named Genevieve, loving Madeline, croissants, brie and all things urbane, chic and involving silk scarves*. Anyway-- I am excited and have been loving the snippets of advise that have been coming in.

The Lovely Natalie offered: "Lovely spot for you to visit: Laduree on rue Bonaparte, in the sixth. (There's two other branches, but this is the best.) Try all the MACARONS."

My dear Aunt Julie sent me this link to the New York Times' search for the best Steak Frites, from Mark Bittman's blog.

I am looking for any and all advice! My only request is to comment in this post, so I can have all of the advice in one place. If the comment section doesn't work, is being wonky and makes you want to punch your screen (I've been there, it's really obnoxious to not be able to comment on your own website) email me at LovelyAtYourSide@gmail.com.

Tell me where to eat, shop, drink, shop, buy gifties, buy shoes, buy scarves, eat, snack, relax, read, eat. Mostly eat. I am eagerly anticipating your words my globe trotting beauties!

* I may have a misguided view of Paris which involves Hermes scarves and Les parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrella's of Cherbourg). I'll be proven wrong soon enough, don't worry.

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