Have any of you lovelies noticed the growing obsession with cook books? I can't pretend I'm immune, I am the owner of signed and unsigned copies of many cookbooks. Of Julia Child's cookbooks, Jamie Oliver's, Mario Batali's. The Settlement house from seven or eight different years. Cookbooks just about Christmas Cookies. Cookbooks just about conversos. Cookbooks based on Roald Dahl books. Cookbooks just about cakes, about cupcakes, about making cakes from cake mix. What I'm trying to say is I have too, too many cookbooks. And so, I find myself hiding my credit card when directed, by my Lovely Momma, to OldCookBooks.com.

OldCookBooks.com boasts a collection of"15,000+ out-of-print, used, vintage, antique cookbooks & recipe booklets, including Better Homes and Gardens, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Culinary Arts, Time-Life and Joy of Cooking[,] rare cookbooks from the 1800's and more recent used cookbooks or complete sets." They have categories ranging from the normal (american classic, baking, wartime) to the more particular (appliances, illustrated, celebrity, and "funny and odd"). Moreover, they have volumes from sets to replace any missing pieces from your collection.

What a great gift for the cookbook collector, new apartment dweller or chef in your life-- a beautiful vintage cookbook for whatever their specialty is, or whatever you want their specialty to be!

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