While watching an episode of Fringe* called "Safe," I became entirely distracted from the plot line due to the evil Nina Sharps fabulous leather opera length studded gloves. My Christmas list at this point is very short, a few weeks ago it was: perfume (I've decided on Lancome Magnifique for 2010), a leopard print iPhone case (Merry Early Christmas to Myself!) and gloves (leather, cashmere lined, faux fur trimmed, if possible). The list has been knocked down to two items now, and I'm bringing you all on my journey for gloves, my Glovely Journey.

1. Portolano 3/4 Button Nappa Leather Gloves with Studs; 2. Lord and Taylor Fur Lined Leather Gloves; 3. Banana Republic Leather Driving Gloves; 4. Michael Kors Astor Cuff Leather Glove; 5. Kate Spade New York "Broome Street" Metallic Bow Gloves

Gloves are a great gift for yourself, or someone else-- those Lord and Taylor Fur trimmed beauties are on sale for $45, that's a reasonable price for a gift, and what a luscious box to open up! Leather and fur gloves, what a Holiday treat!

*No, but seriously 10 episodes in 24 hours can't be healthy, or can it?

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