Hi all, happy Wednesday! As many of you know, I'm moving! We finally found the perfect apartment and moved in last weekend. Well, by moved in, I mean we threw tons of bags from every discount store possible (Thank you, Target, K-Mart, Walmart, Christmas Trees Shop, TJ Maxx) into the apartment and are now slowly piecing everything together (furniture isn't in yet, so it's still pretty sparse). However, I wanted to introduce you to a new segment I'll be writing this Winter called "Lovely Budget Decorating." We're doing this apartment on a seriously (seriously!) low budget and I wanted to share my tips and finds with you all! After looking through tons of decorating books, I've found that even the "Budget Friendly" books are still out of our price range. We've been scouring tons of stores for the perfect items for the apartment within our price range, and the first thing that we searched for was curtains. I love curtains. They can dress up a room in seconds and make an average, plain room, look like a theatrical, dramatic, romantic room. The look I wanted to go for in the bedroom was a Williamsburg-Colonial American-theme, so I wanted curtains which were dramatic, but mild, in a way.

My new, cheap and elegant curtains!

While browsing K-Mart for kitchen items, I stumbled across the Country Living brand Vintage Blue Sweet Rose Damask Window Panels and immediately fell in love with them! The overall style of the apartment is a country-theme, so I love the fact that one of my favorite magazines, Country Living, has a line at K-Mart. I bought two panels, and the valance all for under $50! The curtains are thick, don't let any light in, and are gorgeous. They add elegance and romance to my Colonial bedroom. I adore them. I think I'll be searching for more Country Living line curtains for the other rooms in the apartment. They are really well made, easy to hang, and look fantastic either hanging down or pulled back. I did ponder whether it would be cheaper to make my own curtains, but with the cost of good fabric nowadays (at least $12.99 for thicker fabric) it would cost almost the same as these curtains, plus be work to make. These are lovely, simple, and add such warmth to a (at the moment) very stark room.

What curtains do you have in your room/house/dorm/apartment? In college I used to use beautiful shower curtains to cover my one very big window!

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  1. Those curtains look great and totally dress up that apartment. I'm glad you found such a good deal!