When the Lovely Maya asked for our assistance in finding beautiful throw pillows and faux plants, I was thrilled to get on the case! Today I present you with decorative pillows for $15 and under! An unbeatable deal for comfort, style and somewhere to rest your head!
I love these Inspirational Pillows from Kohl's, it might be overwhelming to use these and only these in a room, but an accent of one (or two!) They are two for the price of one, which cuts the price from $20 a piece to $10! So affordable. Kohl's deal extends past their inspirational pillows into their other decorative and throw pillows, which range from $20-$30. I think Olivia would love the "Home" and the "Be Warm" pillows, wouldn't they go so well together? Both the colors and the sentiments work!

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  1. It made my DAY to not only see my name on the blog, but also that you took the time to help me in my decorating endeavors. SUCH a help and I've already ordered some of the plants. Now I just have to sort through those awesome pillows. You girls are just the loveliest...thanks so much again...