Yes, yesterday I was whining about jet lag, but at the tough love advice of my dear, dear Ksenia to "push onward, sister!" and "get over it!" I've already started craving other cities. I was still a zombie by 9PM, but I was a zombie hungry for travel. One of the cities I've been hankering for a visit to is Chicago, and this Windy City Dress just makes me want to jump a plane to O'Hare even more. Chicago with its jazz, its El, and its deep dish pizza, seems magical to me. I have a very idealistic, unrealistic idea of Chicago, which may or may not have been heavily influenced by mob movies and Chicago, the musical.

But this dress, the Windy City Dress, seems just perfect for a late March visit to Chi-town. Let the Windy City blow over and past you in this little number, squeal happily as the new spring air flutters your skirt. Wear this dress with some subtle, classic pumps for dinner out someplace with a great view of the city (any suggestions?). Wear this dress with a hat, yes a hat! and shop and sight see with a certain '30s flair I am sure no longer exists anywhere but my mind. Any lovely suggestions for where to stay in Chicago? Where to eat? What to do? Olivia has been before, but I've never actually landed in the Midwest, and I'm looking forward to planning a trip (note: I got home Monday, and by Tuesday was already discussing a trip to Spain, by Wednesday was planning an actually existing trip to Scotland, and now I'm onto Chicago...for someone who hates jet lag, I think I've caught the travel bug). Lovelies, give me your best, I've offered you my best with this gorgeous dress! Your travel suggestions for Paris were amazing, now I'd love your assistance stateside!

For more information, pictures and to buy the Windy City Dress, click here!


  1. I was just in Chicago at the end of November/beginning of December, and it was amazing. It was my first time there so I was intent on seeing everything, however, that was not accomplished in my 3 day visit.
    As for places to stay, my family and I stayed at the Drake, which is very pricey but in a very nice neighborhood, (there is a Westin right across the street which would probably be more in the price range you are looking for).
    As for places to go with views of the city, I never made it to the top of the John Hancock toewr, but one of my friends said that there is a wonderful bar on the second most upper level that you can see everything. It's like going to the observation deck without having to pay the rediculous price to get up there.
    I would also highly recommend walking down to the shore and seeing the Field Museum and the aquarium, if not for what is in them, then for the views of the lake and the architecture. Also, if you are looking to go to a lot of those types of attractions, purchasing a citypass would probably be in your best interset because it's about $40 or so dollars for five attractions and you most definitely get your moneys worth.
    Have fun if you end up getting to go!

  2. I highly recommend the hotel Blake. The hotel is beautiful, had very reasonable rates, and is in a prime location. I stayed their last summer and it was pretty will probably be even cheaper in March. Also, there's a neighborhood outside the center called Wicker Park which is sort of the Brooklyn of Chicago. It is easily accessible by train and has a lot of cool thrift shops and bars :)


  3. I would actually recommend the Blackstone Hotel. Its a super modern hotel that is affiliated with Marriott (yay Marriott Rewards!), and has really reasonable rates. Its directly across the street from Grant Park, which includes Lake Michigan.

    If your travel dates are flexible, I would recommend coming to Chicago in the Summer, as they hold incredible summer festivals, and Millennium Park has free concerts on summer nights to which you may bring any alcoholic beverage/food of your choice. Great place for a picnic, and perfect for a cheap dinner.

    Nathan and I have yet to find the fabulous jazz clubs we've been hearing about, but there are a few restaurants we highly recommend. First and foremost is Gino's East SPECIFICALLY THE ONE ON 633 North Wells Street. Gino's is a chain, and so there is a big difference between locations. Also, word to the wise: don't go to get a deep dish pizza if your starving, as they take 40 minutes to cook. And don't order appetizers as you'll be disappointed

    Tapas Ba Ba-Reeba! and 1492 Tapas are two really great Tapas bars both of which we highly recommend. Heaven on Seven is a great cajun restaurant, but don't go there if your on a diet, because everything good is fried. If you do wind up in Heaven, get the jalepeno cheddar muffin, and dip EVERYTHING it in the honey jalepeno dressing. Its FABULOUS!

    If you do end up coming out here, you should give me a call, as Nathan and I are in the process of buying a place in Chicago!

    Hope that helps!
    See you!

    -Julia Wagner

  4. I'm going to Chi-town next weekend, assuming Iowa doesn't turn me into an icicle before then!

  5. They were out of the Windy City dress when this first posted, but I got on the waitlist and just received it in the mail. It's delightful. Nice, pick Dreizens.