Alright, am I the only one who's totally done with winter? I can't be the only one tired of trudging through snow, tired of getting into the car which is actually colder than the outside. I can't be the only one. Actually, checking facebook, I see Olivia's status, which confirms I am not the only one.

I'm ready to bring back summer, bring back walks and lunches and blogging outside, bring back sandals and swimsuits, and most importantly, summer dresses. The Wildlife Photographer Dress from Modcloth screams summer sunshine, from its delicately pale cotton linen blend to its adorable nipped waist and sweetheart neckline. The dress is beautiful enough for a summer soiree, and practical enough to run around in the woods for an afternoon, taking photos, posing for photos, napping in the sun and eating delicious cheese and grapes.

You could even wear the dress well into the Fall, with brown boots and a leather jacket, a real Amelia Earhart look. Or buy it now for Spring, pair it with slouchy grey boots, a cardigan and a jean jacket during the March-April thaw. Those are two other seasons I enjoy, Spring and Fall. If we could just move along to one of those now...

For more information, pictures and to buy The Wildlife Photographer Dress, click here!

(Please excuse the vaguely messy post, I have no photoshop on my laptop and am working with what I've got!)

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