I really don't know what there is to say about the Preservation Society Dress (in Peony) that the dress does not say on its own. Maybe I can say that once I went to a party for the Daughters of the Colonial America or something and was sort of sad that I am not in one of those Junior League, Daughters of the American Revolution, sorority, secret society, situations. Sort of sad because those buildings, sorority type houses, tombs whatever are usually really beautiful and I want in. And if I ever got in, I would so wear this dress. Even if I got in to the Audubon Society, or the Knights of Columbus (I'm not Italian, sadly), I'd wear this dress. I'd wear this dress with a pearl necklace, and pearl studs, and pearl pumps. Okay, maybe not pearl pumps, but some lovely light colored pumps.

In summary, I would like this dress and I would like access to a beautiful building which I do not have to clean. I think one of those wants is considerably more realistic, and it involves hemlines and not bloodlines. Oh, well...Preservation Society Dress, here I come.

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