The Pass the Bubbly Dress reminds me of the New Years I spent at the Cristal Room at Baccarat Crystal in Paris. We had a seven course champagne dinner, seven courses and unlimited champagne. And not any champagne, delicious Tattinger champagne. The room was filled with beautiful women in beautiful dresses, speaking French or Russian, sometimes both. This dress would have been a hit that night, with out a doubt. The dress is glamorous, and luxurious. Sexy, but demure, that little bit of pink in the decolletage is just the perfect detail.
Maybe the dress reminds me of the Cristal Room so much because they match color schemes? I just love the pink-black marble-crystal tone to the room. The over sized cameos were really cool, well done and creative without being too out there. Incidentally, the banquet in the center of this shot is where we sat New Years.

Here I am! In a slightly less well lit shot... Check out that beautiful crystal champagne glass! I actually dreamed about those glasses last night! That's how beautiful and memorable the whole experience was.

For more information, pictures and to but the Pass the Bubbly Dress, click here!

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