Oh my, oh my. I woke up this morning to snow. Did you all know it snowed? I did not. I was sort of enjoying this global climate change January feeling like March. I was going to post the Perfect Picnic Dress from Forever21 and remind you all that Spring is coming, sure it's months away, but one day it will be here, and in preparation for that day to buy this dress. I stand by this concept. I not only suggest you invest the $13.80 in this dress, but suggest you wear it with skinny jeans (I rarely suggest this, but I think the dress is short enough!), a long sleeved cardigan and a scarf for the remainder of the winter season. After you've assembled the ensemble, go buy gourmet sandwiches and fancy coffee. Spread a picnic blanket out on the floor near a window and ask your sister, brother, friend, significant other, parent, whoever to join you for an indoor winter picnic.

In the spring wear the dress with flats, a cardigan or a jean jacket and plan a real picnic. Or even a picnic party! It really is the perfect picnic dress, loose enough to eat a ton of delicious salads, sandwiches and lemonade, comfortable enough to sit on the ground in, and inexpensive enough that if it gets ruined it's no great tragedy [financially, wardrobe wise it's a crisis].

For more information, pictures and to buy the Perfect Picnic Dress, click here!

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