Today's dress of the day, the Glamourai Dress, is truly a piece of art. It reminds me of a Kandinsky, of a Chagall, a Miro and a Matisse. Yes, all of those Franco-Russian artists, and I'm holding back. I would really love to romp and tromp around looking like a painting, and like a Kandinsky to boot (he's one of my favorites! As is Matisse.) It has a vague floral pattern, barely discernible, really more of an abstract expression of orchids than actual orchids. This dress would be great to paint in, or to just dress like a painter in. I'm a big fan of that loose Southern California look for day time activities, match the dress with some chunky, funky, contrasting tights and a pair of boots for winter time errands. Or a summer time puttering ensemble with some gold gladiator sandals and your most Avant Garde attitude.
For more information, pictures and to buy the Glamourai Dress, click here!

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