Yesterday Jenny posted about perfectly priced pillows. Budget decorating can be hard, but as long as you make it fun, and realize that somewhere out there you will find what you need, it is able to be a very rewarding and learning experience. I loved the Inspirational Pillows from Kohl's a lot, however I'm not a huge fan of word-pillows for the bedroom. Jenny's right, I do love the "Home" and "Be warm" pillows for the kitchen or living room, but for bedrooms, I would pick a print which matches the bed set, yet adds its own sense of definition and style. Mixden offers a huge assortment of $5 pillows which are obviously not only a perfect price, but beyond beautiful. She has about 80 different pillows for sale, so I have no doubt you'll find something perfect to match your bedroom. The pillows measure about 10x16 inches and the covers are made from 100% cotton, making these a lovely Etsy find for your accent pillows. I adore the Bali Gate Print, which matches my curtains and would certainly jazz up and add some creativity to my bedroom.

Check out these gorgeous pillow covers, this one-of-a-kind postcard pillow, and these awesome Mr.&Mrs. pillows for the bride and groom in your life!

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