Sometimes the best gifts don't come from any store, but from your own two hands. This Valentine's Day, if you find your wallet empty and need a gift to give (or, even if your wallet isn't empty, this is a fun and sweet idea) why not make a night of it and create some homemade artwork? It's super simple and, if done right, can be extremely cheap. All you need is some blank stretched canvases (check this website for incredibly low priced canvases!), paint, and someone to paint with. Do you and your partner love to go to concerts? Hiking? Cooking? Pick a topic which has something to do with your time together and each paint a canvas depicting the same scene or idea. More fun? Paint portraits of each other or a picture of you two together. You can paint them with their hand stretched out, and when they do the same, and you put the pictures side by side, the paintings will be holding hands. If you two have wall space, display your new Valentine's Day creations for everyone to see. You could even sign your artwork with this utterly adorable jumping couple handmade rubber stamp personalized with your names on it!

PS. Want to make some new painting tools? Try making potato stamps with eachother!


  1. These are cute ideas. I made my own potatoe stamp for customized gift wrapping. I also have a website that will make your very own stamp with your portrait on it. VERY ARTISTIC not your standard photo on a stamp.

  2. Wow!!! Astonishing blog. The blog is quite noteworthy and so are the ideas. The rubber stamp artwork looks nice and remarkable.